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What else can we do for you?

What else can we do for you?

Web Design

Web design starts by analyzing your business goals and purposes and defining a proper business strategy. It is not only about "the visual look" but also about interactions and experiences, what your clients need and what you really want to offer, usability, conversion, social media and how all this can impact you and your business. We walk this path together and we help you take the right decisions.

Web Development

Development starts by selecting the right tools for the job. BitnessWise has an extensive tool shed and craftsmen that know their way around. We have experience in anything from building rock-solid high-availability backend applications to cutting-edge mobile apps. With every project we always try to find a good balance between the latest trends and proven technologies to create the perfect blend for stable, future proof applications.

We strive to put applications in the market that are:

High in quality

Easy of use




We offer consultancy in all phases of a project. We have certified PMP project managers and Scrum Masters that can guide your project from beginning to end. We can also help you re-define your business strategy. And of course, we know how to work agile and we can help you agilize your business and introduce you to frameworks such as Scrum.


Of course we can deliver on premise solutions, but we would also be more than happy to host your website or application ourselves on our web servers which are located in Amsterdam in one of Europe’s fastest data centres. Everything is possible here: you can join other clients on our shared hosting for a small price, but we can also setup a big cluster of servers for you if that is needed.

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